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How To Do Your Edges

  • Robert Rose

How To Do Your Edges

Black hair is special, unique, and different from all other hair types in a good way. There are many types of black hair, and they are grouped in a number-alphabet manner (1a-4c).  When it comes to black hair care and styling, the hair is divided into various parts – the roots, the tips, and the edges. The edges, as the name implies, lie right at the front/beginning of the hair and they are very delicate and sensitive.

Using the wrong products or doing the wrong hairstyles will harm the edges and uproot them, leaving your hairline bare and scanty. You need proper knowledge on doing or styling your edges for different reasons. Not only will knowing how to do your edges help you look stunning and presentable every day, it will also help your hair. This will let you know the do’s and don’ts, and the products to use and the ones not to, thereby protecting your edges against damage.

The level of difficulty involved in doing your edges varies based on your hair type. For people with naturally soft and workable hair (from 1a to 2c), it’s relatively easy, while for people with tougher hair and tighter curls (from 3a to 4c), it’s harder.

Use The Right Products

The first thing to know when it comes to doing your edges is the right products and tools to use. Do not use products that won’t work or aren’t tailored to fit your type of hair. This is why knowing your hair type is essential. People with naturally soft hair can get away with using hair gel, but people with naturally thick hair will need something a bit stronger, like hair wax. You also need some water.

You should also use the right tools, as earlier mentioned. Your edges are very delicate, so do not use combs that will pluck them all out or cause a lot of pain (like rat tail combs). Get a small old (or new) toothbrush or a brush that was specifically designed for laying edges. If you don’t want to use comb or brushes, you can always use your fingers. You should also get a scarf to tie the hair with after applying the products so it can get dry and well laid faster. 

Get The Style Right

there are many styles you can create with your edges the choice is all yours

basic and most common simple swoop

  • To achieve this, start by wetting the edges. Not too much so it doesn’t take too long to dry, but just enough so it isn’t too tough to manipulate.
  • Next, scoop up some of the product (gel, snot, or wax) with your preferred tool (brush or finger) and do small swoops with small sections of your edges.
  • Start from the point where the edges meet your hair, swoop it out towards your forehead, create a little curve, and then take it back towards your hair, so it creates a small C.
  • Continue like this till you’re done with all your edges.
Another style you can do on your edges is the “S” design.
  • To achieve this, first part the edges from your hair by making a straight, neat dividing line.
  • Wet the hair, scoop some product, and start from the middle to one side (either to the left or right).
  • From the middle, with the brush, make swoops of S, connecting the end of each S to the next, so the hair has a continuous and attractive flow or wave.

When you are done with any style, you choose to try out, tie your hair down gently with a small scarf so your edges can be laid properly and dry faster.

Now, when it comes to selecting products, you need to be careful because not all edge control products are what they seem. You need to choose the ones that were made from natural products that will not just hold your hair down, but add nutrients to it.

You should also opt for products that won’t leave flakes on your hair after application because it makes your hair look unkempt and unattractive.

Great edge control products that will do wonders for your hair and not leave flakes afterwards include the MIELLE Flexible Hold Edge Gel, Murrays Edgewax, and Mazuri Olive Oil Edge Wax.

With the right tools, products, and proper application of the styling tips above, doing your edges will be very simple, and they will. Come out well and stylish every single time.