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Scalp treatment for hair growth

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The joy of every woman is to have hair that is eye-catching and attractive. But do you know that your hair growth endeavours can yield more results with the proper scalp treatment?


Why get scalp treatment?

Talk of the most underrated service at any salon and scalp treatment will come to mind. It is because many people don't consider it to be a necessity. But come to think of it, if you want to have healthy hair, shouldn't the rational thing is to nourish your hair foundation, which is the scalp? Over the years, research conducted by dermatologists has concluded that a healthy scalp makes for healthy hair. The opposite also is the case when your scalp is not healthy. Anything that affects your hair scalp will invariably affect the condition of your hair. Here are some of the benefits of scalp treatment:

Works wonders on your follicles:

The scalp, like other parts of your skin, secretes sebum; the body's natural oil. This oil, coupled with several hair products used on the hair, can block the pores. One of the easiest ways to clear this out is through scalp massage. This unclogging will help the follicles usually function and promote scalp health, resulting in hair growth.

Prevents hair loss:

A clogged follicle stops your hair growth. Through scalp treatment, the pores open and the hair is given a chance to thrive. Many people go through medical procedures to treat thinning hair. But if discovered on time, a suitable scalp treatment can help return the hair to a thicker texture.

An effective way to tackle dandruff:

Dandruff can be caused by the scalp's oil production in large quantities or inadequate production of oil. When the scalp is irritated, and flakes form. And because the scalp is the foundation of the hair, it will affect hair growth. Therefore, a scalp treatment will help in getting rid of dead skin and leaving the skin healthy. It will promote hair growth.

Stimulates the blood flow:

Vital nutrients are carried through the blood and circulated to every part of the body. These nutrients help in the proper growth of the hair. Massaging the scalp increases the blood flow, making it easy for nutrients to that part of your skin. Of course, this stimulates hair growth.

Scalp Treatment Products

There are various scalp treatment products available. The one you decide to use will depend on the result you want to see on the scalp. Let's take a sneak peek into various scalp treatments and how to use them.


# Sulfur 8 hair care products

Sulfur 8 is a variety of hair care products suitable for all hair textures. Sulfur 8 is an effective scalp treatment, helps in healing and relieving itchy scalps. It also conditions the hair which facilitates growth. Some of the ingredients in sulfur 8 aside from sulfur are menthol, lanolin, petroleum, and mineral oil. Sulfur 8 is also very effective and helpful in the prevention of dandruff. The medicated menthol contained in it gives you a refreshing and tingly sensation when applied to the scalp. It eases irritation caused by dryness of the scalp and heals scalp irritation, thereby promoting a healthy scalp and increasing hair growth.



# Indian hemp hair cream

Indian hemp creams are considered one of the effective treatments for scalp and hair growth-related issues. Its effectiveness because it contains various nutrients that provide nourishment to your scalp and hair. Hemp contains Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids which makes it an effective hair growth stimulant. It also contains natural proteins. A significant component of your hair is keratin which is 90% protein. When you apply Indian hemp cream on your scalp, the keratin is activated by the cream's proteins, thereby enhancing hair growth. It doesn't just stop at enhancing hair growth. It also prevents blockage of the pores on the scalp by activating your hair's natural defence barrier.



# Design essential herbal complex 4

This scalp treatment cream is an excellent example of the power of four. It beautifully combines four powerful herbs - rosemary, black Indian Hemp, horsetail, and Ginseng. Each of these herbs has excellent benefits when applied to your scalp—this result triples when combined, making the complex four a practical scalp and hair treatment formula. Herbal complex 4 helps to infuse moisture into the dry scalp and reduces itching due to scalp dryness. After applying this cream, your hair will have a healthy shine to it. It can also function as a great styling tool because of its lightweight.

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So you've tried all these and nothing seems to be working? Before giving up, contact your doctor or preferably a dermatologist to prescribe a more potent product. The prescription treatment may contain ingredients like steroid creams or hydrocortisone. Remember, no effort put into scalp treatment is wasted as its benefits are numerous. The compliments on your flowing and full locks will make up for all the trouble.